About Us

Fred & Shannon Lacey

We are the Lacey's and this is a family business venture. We are Fred and Shannon Lacey and our grown children Fourth, Brent, Jennifer and Zac as well as Jennifer's husband, Nick, and Fourth's wife, Samantha and Brent's wife, Kristin, are all participating to create a special family owned and operated business. 

Shannon's Dream

It has long been Shannon’s dream to move back to the country and have a family farm or ranch, so we began looking for our dream land a few years ago. But not until the engagement of our daughter Jennifer  to Nick, did we consider a farm and wedding venue. We loved the idea of creating a lavender farm and Wedding venue together to provide a unique outdoor wedding experience in the middle of a beautiful lavender field. 

Our Products

Shannon has worked hard in formulating and creating the finest handcrafted essential oil products. Since we are a lavender farm, every product contains lavender essential oil. We handcraft lotions, soaps, sugar scrubs, bath salts, linen spritzers, sachets, lavender oil, gift bags, etc...

We have been blessed to have many local shops and large retailers carry our products